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Sunday, March 10, 2013

small crochet flowers

  1. Leave long tail (18-24”) and chain 17  Figure A
  2. Skip first space and sc into second space from hook, * ch1 (skipping a space) and sc into next space.  Repeat from* till end.  This will give you 8 holes or spaces  Figure B and Figure C
  3. Turn, into the first three spaces crochet 3sc and 1sl st giving you 3 petals
  4. Into the next 4 spaces crochet 3hdc and 1sl st giving you 4 more petals
  5. Into the last space (the very tip) crochet 1hdc, 2sc and 1sl st.  Fasten off leaving short tail (approx. 4-6”)  Figure D
  6. Insert long tail into embroidery needle and begin to wind up petals to create the rosette.  Stitch together at the bottom as you go along.  I recommend stitching after your first three petals are rounded and then for every additional petal placement so that you can control exactly what your flower will look like.  Figure E1 & E2
  7. Secure with knot when done and leave tails to secure to finished piece.  I use both tails to secure and tie them together and then use the long tail to tack the rosette into place.  Weave in ends and cut short when done.  Figure F
March 10 2013

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