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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chroched flowers

Crocheted flowers

Round1. Chain 3 and slip stitch in the first chain to make a loop.
Working in this loop Chain 3 which represents your first treble.Work 11 more trebles and slip stitch in initial chain.(total of 12 trebles)

Round2. Chain 4 . Double Crochet in next 2 spaces.Chain 4 ,Double crochet in next 2spaces. Continue in this manner around the flower until you have worked 6 little loops.
Slip stitch into your first loop so that you start the last round in the right place.

Round3. Work 1 Double Crochet ,1 Half Treble, 1Treble, 1 Half Treble! 1Double Crochet in each of the 6 loops.to complete the round slip stitch into the initial base of the chain 3 and you have it!

Once you have worked your first flower the others are a variation on a theme.

The Light PInk Flower is worked as follows..
Work Round 1 in exactly the same way making 12 trebles in the initial loop.

Round2. Work 5 chains to make each of the 6 loops.

Round 3. Work.1 Double Crochet . 1 Half Crochet. 1 Treble 1 chain 1 Treble,1 Half Crochet, 1 Double Crochet in each of the loops.

The Purple Flower. Only the chain loops and final row change.

Work 6 chains to make each loop and decorate the loop with 1 Double Crochet. 2 Half Crochets, 2 Trebles 1 chain 2 Trebles, 2 half Crochets and 1 Double Crochet.

I am sure by now you are itching to try your own variations. The orange flower has bigger loops with more decorative stitches in each loop. And a little picot tip on tip of each petal would be so pretty.

So when you have made a whole bunch of these flowers the next step is to think what lovely things you could make. Ravelry and Pinterest are both a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration. I have so far made book marks and brooches with them. Most of all I have had fun working new designs. I hope you do too.

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