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Batik from India

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hot lemon pepper jelly

This year I grew Lemon Drops and Yellow Russian, which are both C. baccatums and look really alike the picture of Hot Lemons. I have dehydrated most of them and grinded to powder to be used as seasoning for fish. I do also like use the fresh ones to spice up shrimp. Last week I made a patch of hot pepper jelly by using a blender full of ripe seeded Lemon Drops and Yellow Russians and also a handful of Aji Oranges. I substituted half of the vinegar in the recipe with fresh lemon juice. I used blender to get all the peppers to as fine as I could get by blending them with the liquids and a cup of the sugar. The jelly set perfectly and has a really nice yellow color. This became the hottest pepper jelly I have made so far. It is hotter than my habanero jelly, made from seasoning peppers and chocolate habaneros. The heat in the lemon pepper jelly is sharp and intense compared to the warming heat of habaneros, which seems to be quite much subdued by sugar in the jelly.