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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seed stitch bracelet

 You need  cotton thread
size o hook

What You Do:
Chain (ch) 12
Row 1: Work 1 single crochet (sc) and 1 double crochet (dc) in the second ch from hook (seed stitch made), [skip the next ch, seed stitch in the next stitch] across. Turn. (12 seed sts)
Rows 2: Ch 1, skip first stitch, [1 sc and 1 dc in next stitch, skip 1] across. Turn. (12)
Row 3-34: Repeat row 2.
Row 35: Ch 1, slip stitch in first 6 sts, ch 7 (for button hole), slip stitch in the last 6 sts.
Finish off and weave in ends.
Attach button in the center between the 4th and 5th rows.

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  1. Sounds great...Have been knitting prayer shawls and there is a lot of time in prayer indeed when i make a mistake and must tear is out...Prayer Shawl indeed!!!!! Have a great day! Cathy