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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jam jar candle holder

1. Chain 30
2. 30SC. Attach the last SC to the first SC with a slip stitch.
3. Chain 2 (this counts as 1DC). Make 1DC in the same SC as you made the chain 2 in. Chain 1, skip one SC, do 2DC in the next SC. Repeat around. Attach last chain to the top of the 2nd chain of the start of this row. 
4. Chain 2 (this counts as 1DC), chain 2, 1DC in opening between the 22DC's of the previous row, chain 2, 1DC etc.
5. Repeat row 3.
6. Repeat row 4.
When you reach the top of the jar, finish with 2 rows of SC's.

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